Over the years, the range of the services we offer has widened as more and more exposure over the years led to more and more possibilities to integrate my abilities to offer a holistic service-set. The services we offer today enable our clients to seamlessly integrate one vision into technology, design, and language for enhanced business benefit.
Focussing mainly on renewable energy projects
Our core services can be classified under the following heads:

Electrical Consulting and Design
Over the years we have worked with numerous companies helping clients choose the corrct technology, design and offer guidance in correct and efficient procurement of electrical related equipment.
As a professional engineering company, we offer the client a solution based design both in the electrical design and renewable energy fields. Our services are as follows:
  • Feasibility designs and concepts
  • Detailed designs
  • As Built Drawings
  • Calculations 
  • Energy Yield Simulations
  • Financial modelling
  • Regulatory applications (e.g. Appliocation to Eskom for connection to grid, etc)
  • Data Logging and monitoring system design
  • Lightning and Surge Protection Systems

​​​​​​​Turnkey Projects
We offer our clients a cradle to grave service from a feasibility quote to the hand over of a operational project. Our services include:
  • Budget Quoting
  • Final Quoting
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Regulatory applications

A project is only as good as the less effective phase in that project. We believe that commission is where the system wrinkles are ironed out and a fully operational and performing plant is handed over to the client.
Our on site services include:
  • Commissioning of Electrical Plants or Infrastructure
  • Commissioning of Renewable Plants
  • Commissioning of Monitoring Systems
  • Professional Engineering Sign off
  • DNO/Municipality Sign Off
  • Electrical Certificate of Compliance
Operations and Maintenanace
The last but ceratin not the least is the ongoing maintenance of the plant. Our clients get the best economic value from their assests under our care. Increasing the life and performane of the plant is a crucial factor in any plant. Here we offer the following services:
  • Pre Emptive Maintenance
  • Daily Parameter checks
  • On Line data Monitoring
  • On Site Corrective Action
  • Cleaning services of Solar PV Panels